Community Bible Church


    * Why should I choose karate over other sports?

    Each person who participates in martial arts chooses to do so for certain reasons, be it self-defense, discipline, fitness, self-confidence, respect, or another reason. Our sport tends to be sought after because of its ability to focus on improvement of overall self. We strive to help students reach a wide spectrum of goals. Our classes are personal and encouraging; they offer students to meet their goals with the right training and motivation.

    *How will karate improve my child's character?

    ChristJitsu, like other styles of martial arts, focuses on self-control, respect, concentration, confidence, and discipline. However, our approach to teaching these traits is different from traditional martial arts, in that we teach them from a Biblical perspective. Your child will work through a written curriculum that helps them to understand the truths of God’s Word that correlate with the different character traits that the child is learning. These character qualities must be practiced to move up in belt rank.

    *How long will it take to earn a belt?

    Students test, on average, every three months. Advancement in rank comes after the completion of several testing components. Each student must have mastered the physical skill set taught for the appropriate belt level. Students are also required to have their workbook completed for their current belt level, and they must know their memory verse. Mr. Byrne wants to know that his students are applying what he is teaching them in class, so his students must be demonstrating the character skills that they are being taught inside and outside of class. To ensure that our students are making progress and demonstrating these traits, we sent home permission slips for parents to sign, stating that the child is improving in character. If the student attends public school, his/her teacher must sign the permission slip. If their character does not match up with their physical accomplishments, they will not test!
    Mr. Byrne does not simply hand out black belts—our students must earn them by showing that they have mastered what it means to be a black belt.

    *How can I help my child train?

    We encourage you to train with your child at home because it will not only provide the opportunity to bond with your child, but also to instruct and encourage him/her both physically and spiritually.
    Physical training: If needed, Mr. Byrne would be more than happy to show you some drills to work on at home with your child. For safety reasons, Mr. Byrne recommends that students train with the same targets equivalent to those used in class. Jumping jacks, jump roping, and brisk walks or runs will also help build your child’s endurance.
    Spiritual training: Study the ChristJitsu workbooks together. Encourage your child to ask questions. Be honest if you do not have answers to all of their questions; tell them that you do not know the answer, but that you will find out what it is! Then look for the answer in God’s Word. Also, set aside time each day to read the Bible and pray with your child, and always look for opportunities to encourage your child throughout each day.

    *What does the registration fee include?

    ChristJitsu registration is a one-time fee and includes your white belt and workbook.