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    Job Seeker Seminar


    Finding and Winning Your Next Great Job  (a Job Seeker Seminar)

    Friends of Barnabas, a non-profit, will present their Job Seeker Seminar Series on April 26, 2014 to help job seekers accelerate their search and land that “perfect” job … faster.  The FOB seminar series originated in Jacksonville, FL in 2003.  Since its inception, over a thousand people have attended and gained valuable knowledge, search techniques and insight from the instruction.

    The job search process has become more complicated and competitive each year.  Job seekers must keep up with these changes in order to compete successfully for the best jobs.  The seminar is beneficial for ALL job seekers, including unemployed and underemployed persons, college or high school seniors, persons re-entering the job market, and employees who are considering a career change.

    During the seminar, attendees will learn the best ways to write a resume, network with people, find out about unpublished jobs, research companies, rehearse for interviews, and other skills that are critical for a successful job search.  Without such knowledge and skills a job search can take months longer and result in fewer interviews.

    Community Bible Church, at 638 Parris Island Gateway in Beaufort, SC, is pleased to host this Friends of Barnabas seminar series.  The series is entitled, “Finding and Winning Your Next Great Job.” It will be held Saturday, April 26, 2014, but you must register by April 23rd. (Lunch will be provided).  

    Check-in begins at 8:00 a.m. Classes begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. and we will adjourn by 3:30 p.m.


    Click here to register or call the church office, (843) 525-0089.

    Remember, you MUST REGISTER to attend the seminar.

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    Course Outline (courses may change without notice due to speaker availability)

    Why Me?  A look at God’s role and purpose in such events, and the possible implications and benefits to your job search. If you were laid-off or let go as part of a Reduction In Force (RIF), this one will help get past the sense of betrayal and hurt.  

    Career Options.  This session will begin with a DISC work session led by Chip Upjohn.  The DISC Profile System is a tool that can enhance the ability of a person to communicate effectively and assess their ability to perform a job.  In addition, we will help you identify and explore the career options that will satisfy your passion and fully utilize the gifts and talents you have been given.  You CAN have a job that you really love!  

    Resume Do’s & Don’ts.  This session covers the basics of a good resume including the purpose for a resume, and how to format and write one that will achieve the purpose!  A resume only has one purpose… come find out what. 

    Elevator Pitch.  How do you reply when someone says, “Tell me a little about yourself”?  This is where you use your “Verbal Resume”, sometimes called the “Elevator Pitch”, to give an answer.  The answer must be easy to remember.  It must also support your claim that you can do the kind of work you seek. 

    Advanced Networking Techniques.  Over 60%+ of jobs are never posted.  So how do you find out about them before they are filled?  This session shows you how. 

    Using Social Media to find a job.  Social media has become a primary platform for locating open positions.  And when used properly, it can connect you with an internal champion and even get an interview. 

    Understanding the Interview Process & Interview Rehearsal.  This gives you an opportunity to practice for your next interview.